Video and Vacation

How is everyone? Sheesh I need to get laid. And while getting laid would be easy… I have someone in mind and it just isn’t possible. Ugh. Not fair. I find him so sexy and hot and our chemistry is out of this world but alas, it is not meant to be. I have had so many one night stands that I don’t want that either. I am quite picky about the men I will fuck…. Maybe too picky? I don’t even means looks so much. But there are too many conservatives out there acting like they like me while actively trying to take away all my rights. It is ugh a turnoff. They make me so mad and then my horniness vanishes. I’d love to find a woman. But I am so shy when it comes to women…. Why? But jeez I want to trib with one so bad.

Anyway…. It is just me and my dildo for now. And this video sucks…. How I normally record myself wasn’t working but maybe you’ll enjoy it anyway. This is a site-exclusive since I wont be posting this shitty video anywhere else.

I’ll be out of town and may not have too much time for posting/interacting. But I will be making content with a hotel stay in my future. Just one night but it is all I need. Any ideas?


6 responses to “Video and Vacation”

  1. Al Avatar

    Great video ! Come on over and use my fuck machine .

    1. Avatar

      Ohhhh a fuck machine. That sounds fun.

  2. Max Avatar

    That video is CRAZY HOT 🔥

  3. James Avatar

    I enjoy anything you post, nice to hear you enjoying yourself while playing.
    Good luck in your quest for a fuck buddy. I will be very envious of that guy when it happens.

    1. Avatar

      More like a companion vs FWB. I don’t do well in FWB situations.

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