Hi all. It has been a while. I had to make the site private for a bit but it is back for now. I think the reason I had to do it has passed and I should be good.

Where have I been? Blissfully happy. I have been seeing someone and when I am satisfied sexually, I don’t generally make content. I may make some with him… we have talked about it but honestly, once I get started with him, I don’t even think about video or pictures. I am just that into him. 😍

I have tried new things with him and have enjoyed them a lot. I have been handcuffed. Paddled. We went to Exxxotica (should I write a review of that?). Blindfolded. Had cum all over my face. I kinda wish I had him snap a pic when my ankles were cuffed to my ankles. It was so hot. He is so hot.

I know many miss my content but I have always made content for myself. I made it because I was basically sexually starving. I am starving no more. 😏

Thanks for understanding. Some have given me shit but to them, I say fuck off. Because I do it all for me.

Pic for fun

Milf receiving cum


4 responses to “Updates”

  1. Fred Avatar

    Glad you have someone to keep your appetite in check!
    Happy that you’re happy!
    An exxxotica review would be cool. Feel like I’m not missing much by not going.

    1. Mama Avatar

      I am doing review tonight!

  2. James Avatar

    It’s fantastic that you are very happy and obviously having a lot of fun. I understand why you don’t want to show us you having fun but will keep my fingers crossed and my cock hard

    1. Mama Avatar

      We may or may not. Just sometimes… it is so intimate and I like to keep that private. It is special.

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  1. We may or may not. Just sometimes… it is so intimate and I like to keep that private. It is…