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  • Housekeeping

    So the tool I used for subscriptions won’t work because they are puritans and won’t support my content. I am very annoyed so will either send out newsletters on my own or find something new. thank you to everyone who subscribed….  38 total views

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  • Let’s get Frisky! What’s your fetish?

    Let’s get Frisky! What’s your fetish?

    Fetish Friday

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  • Fun with my Dildo – Amateur Porn Video

    Fun with my Dildo – Amateur Porn Video

    Amateur milf sucks her dildo

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  • Security and Details

    I’m just letting everyone know that I’ve added some security to the site because I’ve been getting so many random comments that are spam. Also, I have found out that people are just taking my pictures and putting them places so I have disabled that as well. I can’t stop everyone but if you have […]

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  • Throw Back

    I wanted to post an early photo. I never thought I’d keep going with this but am glad I did. I have lost track of how many IG accounts I have had. It is one reason I started a site so I could post what I want. Enjoy! Hopefully I can make my ass look […]

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  • Work in Progress

    Work in Progress

    This site is a work in progress. I am not sure I love this theme but I am trying to get everything looking nice and easy to navigate. I hope you like it. I will start uploading images and posting here and  65 total views

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  1. Very sexy! Can’t wait for the video and all the new content to cum to.