Security and Details

I’m just letting everyone know that I’ve added some security to the site because I’ve been getting so many random comments that are spam. Also, I have found out that people are just taking my pictures and putting them places so I have disabled that as well. I can’t stop everyone but if you have right clicked and saved my photos, I would just ask that you respect me enough to not share those other places. I think that’s pretty fair of me to ask. I can’t stop you. Obviously. But I had somebody basically send me pictures on Instagram and imply that because they had those pictures that I really needed to send them more and was actually quite annoyed by it. So this is just an alert.

I don’t want to have to turn off commenting, but if it gets worse, I probably will.


About Me

Just your average MILF sharing herself through her exploration of her sexuality, exhibitionism, and love of porn.

  1. We may or may not. Just sometimes… it is so intimate and I like to keep that private. It is…