Exxxotica Review

I had waited a long time to go to Exxxotica. I really had high hopes for it. I thought it would be sexy. Erotic. Thrilling. It was none of those things.

Obviously these events are held at some sort of event center. They are large and open and bright for good reasons. I just really thought there would be a sexy feel to it. Sterile is how someone else described it and they were right. We walked through the whole thing. Maybe twice. We shopped. I didn’t see any performers I wanted to meet or pay for a picture. There were pickles for sale. Kettle corn. Other random food. Just weird.

I had been excited for performances. But it was so loud. I thought the performances would be away from the vendors a bit. There was hardly room. No seats. And did I mention loud? We could not hear each other. Because of all that, the performances felt lacking. Maybe if we had been closer to the stage? I don’t know.

we attended one seminar. Couldn’t hear it that well due to how loud the music was. And it was at least around the corner or whatever… it was how to introduce some BDSM to masturbation. Fun topic. We enjoyed it for sure. I wish there had been more to attend.

I really have no desire to go back. I was disappointed. I mean we had fun because we were together. I just wanted it to be more erotic and sexy and it was the opposite.


2 responses to “Exxxotica Review”

  1. James Avatar

    That’s too bad

    1. Mama Avatar

      It was def disappointing

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