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Verified on XVideos

Finally! They did not accept my first verification video so ai finally got around to making a new one. And now your favorite MILF is verified. What does it mean? I get a little checkmark. I may get my own channel. And I may make money…. We’ll see about that one. However I will get a lot more views. I already had a bunch new subscriptions. I am very excited.

I have a few videos in process there. I can’t wait for them to be released. I had a lot of fun over the weekend. I made a couple fun videos and some dirty ones. You can see by the featured pic what they are like.

thank you for continuing to follow! If you haven’t yet subscribed to me on XVideos please do so!


8 responses to “Verified on XVideos”

  1. Nomax Avatar

    What a hot sexy lady

  2. Juanjo Avatar

    Buuuufff, ya te sigo, voy a quedarme seco!!!

    1. Avatar

      😈😈😈 Me gusta eso

  3. Hershy Avatar

    Congrats on the verification! I can’t wait to see your filthy new content 😈

    1. Avatar

      Thank you! I have a couple that were just released

      1. Hershy Avatar

        Oh baby! I gotta check those out right now!

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