Thoughts and Motivations

As we all know…. I don’t do this for money. I often want to because I think I am that good, friendly, engaged and have a great following. In total between IG, Flickr, and Twitter it is around 10,000. That doesn’t include Reddit or XVideos. Maybe my motivation would not wane if I was getting paid. Hahaha. But honestly… with stuff happening here in USA, idiots who say dumb things to me, my new injury/medical issue… fuck, I am tired. And some days it takes me a bit to want to take pics.

I am not going anywhere but sometimes I am pressured to produce, produce, produce. And that’s not cool. If you have a request, we’ll make a deal. Ok? Otherwise, I post when I want and am able. It sucks some weeks. I have no energy and am in pain. So patience, perverted ones.

ok now that I have gotten that off of my chest… how about a couple of pics? And yes, I will have new ones soon. Next week in fact. I have a few ideas of what I want to do – but energy and being pain free is key.



2 responses to “Thoughts and Motivations”

  1. James Avatar

    Oh sorry to hear you have an injury. Please look after yourself first. Then go wild and crazy when you are better. Xxxxxx

  2. Tony Avatar

    Delicious pussy. Stroking to your page and XVideos now. Love to play together sometime😜

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