Thongless Thursday

I know some say Thong Thursday but I’m very partial to thongless Thursday. I don’t think that little piece of string between my ass cheeks really does too much. So I just remove it all together.

don’t get me wrong. I think thongs look incredibly sexy. But if I’m gonna be showing off, I wanna show the whole thing. Do you have a preference?

stay tuned for a couple new videos coming soon?

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8 responses to “Thongless Thursday”

  1. Lee (L and B secrets) Avatar
    Lee (L and B secrets)

    Oh my god, how I want to get my hands on that ass!

  2. Tristan Longlands Avatar
    Tristan Longlands

    Beautiful ass

  3. Max Avatar

    Very happy thongless Thursday!!

  4. Bones Avatar

    Well said. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    1. Avatar

      Always happy when people agree with me

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  1. Very sexy! Can’t wait for the video and all the new content to cum to.