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New XVideos Account

I have been trying to get with XVideos about my old account for months. I can’t login and don’t know why. I finally gave up and created a new account. If/when I ever get my old account back, I’ll decode what to do then.

what is funny is now I see my own videos being suggested to me all the time. I secretly think that’s kind of hot. It makes me feel almost like a porn star. Hahaha

I am slowly uploading videos there. It is easier than uploading them here. This way I can just embed them. I would love it if you’d subscribe to me there. Accounts are free! Plus there is so much good porn. I make my playlists public so you can also see what I love to watch.

If you subscribe, be sure to comment on my videos. It turns me on so much. I get excited and want to make more. With no comments I get a bit bored. Of course you can also comment here. Cum on… make my pussy wet!

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2 responses to “New XVideos Account”

  1. James Avatar

    Love the new page format, much easier to use. Keep up the tit flashing. Oh how about more public flashing videos from you?

    1. Avatar

      Thank you! It has been a work in progress trying to find a design that is easy. I will do my best. It is getting cold and I hate being out there when it is cold. hahaha.

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