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Masturbation Monday

Are you masturbating right now? You should be. I am sitting here rubbing my nipples and am wet. Why? I had a bunch of new subscribers and that turns me on so much. I love having you see my pics and videos. Now that I am finding my way out of that darkness I was in I am ready to go. I masturbated so long last night and will again today. My pussy is a little sore from fingering myself but it is just a reminder of how much I was just dripping wet.

please….I want requests of new pics to take. I do need to shave my pussy first though for pussy pics. Hahaha I have been lazy. What do you want to see? Leave me a comment. Any videos? Sometimes I am not sure what to do so ideas are helpful.

remember you can always use the Contact Me form if you don’t or can’t leave a message. Enjoy the content you perverts. 😈😈


6 responses to “Masturbation Monday”

  1. Gerald Leapline Avatar
    Gerald Leapline

    Wow, but wouldn’t you rather have a nice hard warm cock instead of the plastic because I would be more than happy to offer my cock to you. Please contact me

    1. Avatar

      Sometimes yes, sometimes no haha. I am very picky and have a lot of requirements.

  2. Lee Avatar

    Oh, I love working from home. Certainly couldn’t masturbate to you while in the office! Or, at the very least, I’d get some funny looks 😂

    1. Avatar

      Haha that might be a problem! But there is always the bathroom. That is what I used to do.

  3. Brando Avatar

    Absolutely fantastic!! I was touchin myself to this for sure 😏. Such a beautiful kitty… i wanna taste it so bad haha! 🥵

    1. Avatar

      Did you only touch yourself or take the extra step?

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