Damn Woman! Where ya been?

Is that what you have been asking? I would be too….

Honestly… so many things but mostly spring is just so busy for me. I have a kid finishing school. Finishing last year of sports. Another one home from college. I am injured. In pain. Menopause is kicking my ass and my sex drive has been awful. I am tired and I feel so fat from not working out and laying around.

I haven’t had much desire for anything. I have a side job on top of my other job and that keeps me busy as well. It is just a lot right now. I am back trying to eat good and since I am actually getting better, I can start walking more. Small wins.

so please forgive me…. I will be around more in June. I promise!

Enjoy these!

Nipples showing
Sexy milf showing her tits


4 responses to “Damn Woman! Where ya been?”

  1. Fred Avatar

    Gotta take all the small wins! You’re a sexy, busy milf. Can’t wait for June to get here. 😁

    1. justsomechick69@gmail.com Avatar

      Yes! I am trying to celebrate the small wins but some days when there is shooting pain… I just want it to be over.

  2. James Avatar

    Look after yourself first and remember all your fans will be waiting for you always with hard 🍆s.

    1. justsomechick69@gmail.com Avatar

      Thank you, James! I hope so!

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