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So I have been contemplating offering custom videos. There would be some stipulations… like I would always wear mask/wig, the turn-around time would be up to me based on my schedule, and what I offer. So let’s say you want a video of me saying your name while I cum with a dildo… I would do it. Or if you want to see me do something risky like using my dildo in the woods… things I may not otherwise do. You could order it and you’d get your own copy and no one else would see it.

I floated this by a couple of users who liked it. I may limit how many I do. My spring is always so busy… so start small and see.

Please vote and let me know so I have an idea. Would I like to make some money doing this? Yes. I just want to do it in a way that people value.

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3 responses to “Custom Videos”

  1. James Avatar

    You will be inundated with requests, you know mine. But saying my name while doing it may be difficult with your mouth otherwise occupied.

    1. Avatar

      I don’t think I will be but we’ll see… what would I have in my mouth? 😄

      1. James Avatar

        Lol hmmm maybe a cocktail.

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