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Anal Tail Fun!

I haven’t made much content with my sexy anal tail. I finally got it out and had a blast. It was so hot! This is just part of my video. I have a long one that will be on XVideos soon and another I’ll upload soon.

Enjoy this video though of my big fat ass with the tail!


8 responses to “Anal Tail Fun!”

  1. James Avatar

    I would love some tail, especially yours 🍆💖

  2. Nomax Avatar

    You are sexy, hot and very pretty

    1. Avatar

      Thank you so much. I love the comment.

  3. Mike Avatar

    Absolutely love your ass!

  4. Fred Avatar

    So sexy. Your moans really turn me on.

    1. Avatar

      I am so glad. I always wonder if I sound dorky

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