Alas… I am still undateable!

The last couple of days have been downers for me. I got excited thinking someone I liked wanted to date me. Nope! It made me real sad. Do they want to fuck me? Of course they do… but quite honestly these days I lose interest so fast if someone doesn’t seem my worth enough to want to actually spend time with me. Sex is so easy. And am I sex starved? Yes. Yes I am. So will I fuck him? May e. We’ll see if he puts any effort in at all. Dudes… put in the effort!!!! It isn’t hard.

Anyway… I know maybe someone will want to date me one day. Maybe. I am kinda old.

I need to take new pics to feel good. I am just not sure what to take. Sometimes I need inspiration. So here are a few from recent sessions with myself.


5 responses to “Alas… I am still undateable!”

  1. James Avatar

    You are bloody sexy and awesome. My fantasy is to fuck you but reality says it will never happen. Take comfort how we all want you.

    1. Avatar

      Please don’t take this the wrong way but I am wanted. People want to fuck me. That isn’t the issue. I want to cuddle, go on romantic dates, have someone hold my hand. Big difference.

      1. James Avatar

        Yes I understand that, distance and age make it impossible to give you anything real. I hope you get what you desire.

  2. Dave G. Avatar
    Dave G.

    Your not kinda old at all, mature curvy women age so beautifully. Good conversations can be very sexy, I believe your a woman that knows what she wants & is not willing to settle for less. Keep your head up, your worth it dear.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you so much! I do know what I want for sure. It just sucks sometimes. I can fuck… no problem but sometimes I want romance and hand holding.

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